Few weeks ago I was contacted by a local limousine company about installing a software in one of vehicles to create a distinct light show that can create dazzling effect to their clients. I believe one of the thing that makes a limousine experience truly special is getting to party inside the ride with friends and family and having a great time while enjoying the great luxury interior.

So this guy was asking me to redo all the electronics to his newest whip that he had and I had to really dig through my resources to find the perfect solution for him. What I decided to create was an alternative D/C current fiber optic lighting with JAVA script softsware that alternatives the lighting to the music that’s playing through his sound system.

This requires a small mic to be installed on the roof of the limousine to pick up on the varrying degree of sounds and amps to make the lights pop and dazzle over the course of limousine experience. You will know that this will be one of the greatest show to be ever seen to public on a limousine because they’ve never seen lights respond this well to the sounds. I got the highest quality mics inside and very high quality response system that makes the light flicker and change colors as if they were dancing to the tunes.

I got into the software career to make new innovative ways to solve problem, ever since the launch of WDS Software though I began to crave more creative software engineering where I meet individual needs that is very specific. With this new software solo job that I started, I am finally stepping into what I believe my life purpose is. To solve problem for small business owners and I just love getting creative with software and programming because you get to use your creative side of the brain and get really imaginative at solving problems.

Solving problems are fun and I hope to continue to work this way till I retire. Yea I’m not sure if there’s any potential in the towing field because I did get my car towed as I mentioned few blog posts ago.

Anyway the lights we installed turned out to be quite spectacular and the limo owner was in love with how the lights were responsive to the music. I will def keep this solution in mind because I feel that there is a real market place out there for limousine owners to want to use more of these lights and make their vehicles pop.

So I will use my first guy to get some more referrals and see what else I can do in this niche.

If people though software engineering job has to be dull and monotonous they are wrong. You can leave the office and do things never though possible by getting out there on the field and making things happen.