We made a program for Window

Preventive Scheduling Software and Work Order Programs
for building maintenance and CMMS and applications using scheduling programs

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Work Order Software
The main work order program is the DP5E Department work order program. This is a work order program, network compatible for other departments to send the wo requests & tracking to maintenance by use of mostly drop down menus to enter the work orders. Each department has their own unique drop down menus that can be edited with the work order software.  In addition, the program creates reports on Man Hour Totals, Work Order # Totals and Specific Technician Totals for month and year.

    The Single Schedule Plus and Multi Schedule Plus scheduling programs have a type of work order request that we call Maintenance Requests. These programs create attached work order requests on all the scheduled maintenance items in the databases.

The program began as a entrepreneur project now it is  now more of a blog platform where we talk about what 10 years of programming has taught us. And talk little bit more about ourselves.

As we do have lives and it does get pretty interesting at times. But at the heart of it all we are analytical mathematical people.  We take everything by bit by bit, chunk by chunk, kilobyte per kilobyte.

We are cool too even if he express certain human expression as bytes and digits. We have sense of humor albeit not your kid rock type of sense of humor but more scientific. You will find us interesting, in reality you can’t have everyone like kid rock or ricky gervais you sometimes need the bizarre ones to make a stand and speak out for the unorthodox types.