Hello everyone I am the developer of WDS Programming. Which stands for Windows Development Software, its basically a program that helps other programmers share their code with others.

I was getting ready the other day for a party in Sterling Heights and decided to go for a spin out on the road, it was very very cold and my car was slipping all over the road. On one turn it drifted into a snowbank and it got stuck.

My tires would keep spinning but not traction, I looked up towing companies near the area to find a good tow truck company by the name of Sterling Heights Towing, they came pretty quick to get me out of the snow.

The driver was very friendly and we made small talk about how cold it is in Michigan and that we should be inside watching the football game and what I was doing out here in the cold.

You know what he is right, its really too cold in Michigan and I wish to move out of this state one day, and go somewhere warmer like Florida and of course California.

But I did hear from my father that people that live in the cold are more hungry because there is more instinct for survival. And I think I would agree with that. In the warm weather, I would just be lounging all day everyday and not being too productive. I would be drinking margarita and such, and yes I am a programmer but I do like to be social and outside just like everybody else! lol

So this is my rant for now, you know you come across people from Michigan all the time and everyone one of them complain about the winter, I’m not trying to be a hypocrite but there is just so much useless stuff out there that I’m at loss of words.

I will one day capture people’s imagination and lead a life that people will be proud of. There is so much potential in what I teach and do, that one day people will def understand, if they don’t then well. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. One thing is for certain though it is whoever works hardest and passionately at 10x levels that gets to succeed there is no other path.

Just sitting here imagining a new life where I don’t have to go to work, and I raise my income monthly at will is going to be such a fun ride & experience that I’m going to love every second of it. On top of that there is always more things brewing which gets me excited, and I also love working with local business owners and they love and care about me. So it will be one of the greatest show ever told in the history of Michigan.

I will go out there and make it happen. This programmer turned raging hard worker will now make a new life for himself filled with hard work, fun, and fulfillment.

You will see just what happens when a man becomes the new version of himself.