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Best WDS Software Programmer Spills his Guts on what made him successful

June 19, 2015 local business No comments


So the WDS programmer came out today and spilled his guts on what factors made him successful and he told me that if there’s one thing that made him successful and its


What he means by this is his ability to master his habits, or installing successful habits that made him produce great products month after month. Human beings are creatures of habits, by developing successful habits, one gets to take charge of creating & producing products that make him or her successful in life.

So what did the WDS programmer do for his habits?

Well he decided that he will wake up at 5 Am everyday and write programs from early morning for 4 hours straight without ever checking facebook, email or anything else for that matter. This habit allowed him to work efficiently with full tank of will power and get work done more efficiently and at higher qualities.

Its this habit forming work ethic that produces content that make money for him month after month, year after year. It is a vital part of the process where the quality of what he produces remains high to produce the kind of results that entices his customers and so he continues to gain more power and domination in the market place.

The kind of power that comes from this process will be the one that continues to pay month after month. Take for example, I was writing an article for a magazine the other morning and I was taking a break, I decided to go out for a run and noticed a willow tree that was blown over by a wind and was laying on the side of the road. Now the old me would of just ignored this but the responsible self told me I should call my friend Tree Removal guy so that not only will he get to do the job at the expense of the city but he will make money from it.


So I called Ron the tree service guy in Southfield, MI and he was at the place within minutes and the tree was removed without a hitch or a worry. He was impressed that I called him because it wasn’t even on my property. But let me say that the power of referring someone is big when you then talk to more people about that incident and they too begin praising my friend’s tree service guys for getting the tree out of the way especially becaues that was the road to commute to work for most people and the tree in the way would of really screwed things up with this one neighbor we have that had a very important meeting that day.  She was so impressed with Robert that she decided call him up for many more services as well as she needed even more trees removed and cut in her yard that had over grown and was now blocking the sun shine she so enjoys to feel in the morning from the glass ceiling she has in her bedroom.

So again never underestimate the power of simply taking action, taking responsibility and referring to a friend business owner in the process!

These are all habits that will make the difference down the road.

The Tree Service guy’s main website: http://www.royaloaktreeservice.org/

His service is highly recommended

New Programming Ideas for 2015

March 29, 2015 local business No comments


As computer programmer you always have to be thinking of what is the next big thing that will make life easier for everybody, as I was briefly discussing in my last blog post about getting a custom program installed inside a limousine. I wanted to briefly discuss about a program that has been swimming around in my mind for a while and that is an idea for an app that makes entertainment better for everyone.

For example, what you will see recently is a lot of Top 10 articles.

Whether its top 10 ways to lose weight

Top 10 celebrities Fails

Top 10 most awkward Television moments.

People love lists. It makes the content more digestible and fun and easy.

Even top youtube video is becoming lists.

Humorous and entertaining nonetheless

So my idea is to make a program with an intelligence built in that ranks top 10 service of any city and gives you a quick list to read through. Currently people may use Yelp but even then you have to browse through and the decision making is in the user’s hands to find the best restaurant or service provider in the area. And when the establishment is not signed up under Yelp you could definitely miss out on great companies if that’s the only place your searching.

So in an ideal world the user has to look at multiple places to find the ideal company. They have to look through Google listings, google natural listing and look at the websites and how well that’s build, also  they have to check if the company has  a lot of likes on Facebook and other social medias, and then finally calling the company to see if the owner is friendly.

This takes time and effort and not everyone has the patience for it.

My program will be designed to take in all those different ques and what people look for and creating a mathematical formula that finds the best company for you, the top ten from any city and state.

So for example if you are in need of limousine service in Ann Arbor, MI you will come to my app and simply type in limo in ann arbor, based on what the program finds from multiple sources it will automatically recommend the top 10, if there is no top 10 limo company than the top 5, to give you the most relevant company in Ann Arbor, MI. Now users that use this service can leave behind review as well which will help the company ranking, but the difference with Yelp is that, Yelp goes by only the ranking on yelp, this program will actually shift through every other factor including website and other ranking factors.

Therefore you should get much more accurate reading on a good limo service or taxi service or even restaurants although with restaurants actually reading the comments and review could be far more important so an app like Yelp does a find job already. However for other service based business such as carpet cleaners, roofers, plumbers,etc. All these services require fine level of research to find the best company and too often I see people book with company that may not be the best in the area.

After working with a limousine company it became clear that many people were not finding his business because he was missing few listings online. Even though I’m a programmer I spend much time on the computer so I could point out some of the weaknesses in his marketing strategy right away and boy did he appreciate the heads up. Yet he was bit lost on how to go about setting all these things up. Well I want this app to have a feature or service where business owner can sign up and the service will list his business in all other places for him including Yahoo, Bing, Google, Yelp, Foursquare and more.

A truly one stop solution for business owners where all marketing problems are solved and they can just focus on improving their product or service.

This is what I love about being a programmer, solving real world problems with creativity and providing something of true value to people that are not as tech savy, because a simple program can change your life.